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The Heart of the Lake Districct
he Lake District :n a great Hen Party Idea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cumbria Hen Party Celebrations                                                               
Essentially, these are fun events!
 Either a one or a two session wine tasting 
(blind tastings and a prize wine quiz can be included) .
Only premium quality wines are used and
whilst these sessions are non-stuffy 
they are still educational, though light hearted
and highly enjoyable. 
Blind tastings of some of the wines and
a prize quiz always add a bit of extra fun, too! 
The two tutored wine tasting sessions,
one from 11.00 am until 1.00pm based on
'Wines of the World, and one from 2.30pm
until 4.30pm, on a theme of your choice 
(with a break for lunch),
consist of 12 quality wines including
two sparkling wines, and cost £315.00
for up to 12 persons, and
£415.00 for up to 24 persons;
For a single session, on a chosen theme
from, say, 5-30pm until 8-00/8-30pm
with 8 premium quality wines,
including one sparkling wine,
the cost is £275.00 for up to 12  persons and
£375.00 for up to 24 people.
For daytime tastings which are aimed to finish before 5-30pm,
a discount of £20.00 applies.
Tastings in northern Cumbria (Appleby, Alston, Brampton
Carlisle and Penrith areas), a discount of £20.00 applies.  

Just one of the highlights will be my home-made speciality : Tarte Flambee, served with a suitably spicy Vin d'Alsace.
Venues are many and various  from Lake District apartments and Cumbria week-end holiday cottages to hotel rooms,
village halls, and a room in your own home.

Enjoy the magic of the Lake District
Wine , of course!

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20 minutes
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Carlisle 40 minutes
Manchester 1 hr 30 mins
Leeds 1 hr 30 mins
Newcastle 1 hr 30 mins
Liverpool 2 hrs
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Glasgow 2 hr 30 mins


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Hen Party Ideas (Cumbria)
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