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Wine Related Gifts.

Although a wine tasting workshop, a wine weekend event or a private celebration
wine tasting
makes a perfect gift for the wine lover, there are other wine related gifts that might be of interest. 

Here you will find a selection that might contain just what you are looking for, or give you inspiration.  And as wine lovers have other interests and passions, apart from wine, I have included some non-wine related items that might appeal.

But, first things first; Books about wine!  The best wine book I ever read was the first wine book I ever read.  It was also the second. 

It was such a joy to read 'Hugh Johnson's peerless prose', as I've heard it described, that the moment I finished reading The World Atlas of Wine, I started over again from the beginning.  Anyone interested in wine would so value and appreciatiate this book, that I have no hesitation in recommending it as a suitable gift.  In fact, though I have now read it several times, for pleasure, I still dip in to it when preparing wine notes for tastings and presentations. 

Another book I like and use regularly, is the Oxford Companion to Wine. It's a one volume encyclopedia with over 3,000 entries. Generously illustrated with hundreds of illustrations, maps and photographs, it is truly the ultimate reference book for all wine lovers - from the connoisseur to the complete novice. It is listed below in the books I recommend.

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Wine Related Gifts.
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